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High Pressure Spray
A New Driveway.


It is amazing how a professional clean can bring out the best in your yard. A good High Pressure Sprayer will totally remove all dirt and discolouration from your pavers and leave it looking like the day it was layed.

At Livenitup we have the best in industry equipment that is guaranteed to produce an exceptional result. Take advantage of our team of professional cleaners to bring your pavers back to that newly layed look.


Two Trowels.

There are plenty of places in landscaping where concrete is the answer! In the hands of expert tradesmen, concrete is a sturdy, weatherproof material that can be moulded into works of art.

Whether its a driveway, a curb, a border, footing or pathway, concrete is handy tool and Livenitup are proficient in its application.

The durability of concrete makes it the perfect choice for heavy traffic areas and its versatility means it can be used in numerous aspects of a project.

Concrete can be polished, coloured and moulded – a handy product.